Month: July 2019

Repayment Home Loan

Repayment of the home loan One part flows into the interest payment, the other part into the amortization. This is a combination of an annual repayment of capital and the payment of interest by a constant pension. In principle: Over time, the repayment portion of a loan increases, while the interest rate decreases. Unlike the Read More

Replacement of a loan

    Repayment of a loan – the early repayment of the loan. Read More

Real estate loan now revocation Check

Retirement loan now revocation The Commission will examine each case on the basis of the relevant loan agreements. Who should terminate his mortgage now. For you we check the options for a transparent and fair price. Under current legislation and our practice, consumers have a good chance to revoke and revoke their loan agreement even Read More

Opt for the credit conso to move with peace of mind

While moving is often stressful, there are also significant costs that are sometimes difficult to cope with. To prepare this step in peace, the solution of the credit conso seems obvious. How to plan moving expenses? How to finance it? Response elements. Moving: the inevitable costs Before taking out a consumer loan, it is better Read More